Women who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy can feel that the world as they had planned is coming to an end. Without the support of a loving family to help them to welcome their child into this world, they have no one to turn to for help. Several Sources is there for these women, from free counseling on our nationwide hotline, free resources in our hotline kit like a pregnancy test kit, a free sonogram at Our Gift of Hope Sonogram Center to a place to call home at one of our maternity homes before during and up to one year and more after their baby is born. Sometimes it’s as simple as sending them our Gimme Shelter movie, where they are given hope.

Several Sources also supports the International Gift of Hope maternity home and pregnancy resource center in Ukraine and Uganda, where women who are being abused or have been thrown out by their family because of the shame of an unwed pregnancy can come for help.

Homeless women can find a safe haven off the inner city streets of Newark at our day time shelter, Ladies Rest, as well as two nutritious meals a day, 365 days a year. And more than food and a safe haven, they find emotional and spiritual support.