Through God’s grace, we save babies’ lives and shelter their young mothers while providing education and ongoing compassionate support services.


Several Sources offers:


* A place where a young mother can come to have her baby an stay for up to a year or more after her baby is born.


* Surround the mother and baby with individual care, nurturing and educational support.  Many of our young mothers go on to not only learn how to effectively care for their children, but they complete their GED, certification programs and/or college degree programs while under our care.


* Additional support after our mothers and babies leave our shelters. We offer a Special Families program, which provides long term, care packages and encouragement including necessities such as food gift certificates, medical help and school supplies.  As part of God’s extended family, we provide support and encouragement that would otherwise be lacking in the lives of our mothers until their child is 18 years old.