Often a young pregnant teenager will contact us through our hotline number or the internet not sure of how to talk to her parents about being pregnant.


Based on 40 years of counseling young women, we are able to:


* Help them develop a plan how to talk to their parents.


* Our first goal is to reunite the family when this is a supportive loving environment.


Other times, it will be a couple who already have children who stop at Our Gift of Hope Sonogram Center feeling overwhelmed when they discover that they are expecting another child. We provide:


* Free counseling


* Sonograms


* Help finding healthcare


* Follow up with these families during the pregnancy, providing support and love


Once the baby is born, we provide:


* A “first time” care package of diapers, wipes, baby clothes and other things that the family will need to welcome their new little one into their home


* Continue to support and encourage our mothers and their children as they leave our maternity homes


Over 58% of our mothers go on to get married and their child has a father, and often brothers and sisters. There are times when our mothers continue to need financial assistance. Several Sources’ Special Families Program provides four care packages a year, as well as other financial, emotional and spiritual support.