Several Sources Shelters is dedicated to helping children in need. The work of helping poor children and their mothers started in 1981 when Kathy Difiore met Bill King for the first time. They both had a common goal: share God’s gifts with His children in need.

Some of the pregnant women who come to our Shelter for Mothers and Babies already have young children. While other shelters will not take women with children, we can never turn a mother and her child away.  These young children become part of our loving several sources family. A child learns from his or her mother how to know, love and serve God.  So we teach the mothers at our shelters, “You must try to see through God’s Holy Eyes. You must hear with God’s divine Ears. You must feel with his Sacred Heart. So you will be able to see, hear and understand his Divine Will of you and your child.”

These children and babies grow up, and some continue to need additional support. Today we help more than 150 children through our Special Families Program. These children receive back packs and school supplies each August so they can return to school with these things that others take for granted.  Each care package includes a religious item like a child’s bible and a letter of encouragement from our Founder & President Emeritus, Kathy DiFiore, providing not only financial support, but also reassuring them that they are a part of our Several Sources family. Another focus of our Special Families Program is those families with little ones who are sick and need our extra attention.