When Kathy first took a pregnant teenager into her own home almost 40 years ago, it was to help save the lives of preborn babies of young pregnant mothers.


* Those early years  – we had the help, guidance, and the support of Mother Teresa.  Today we have grown as we reach out with God’s love to the preborn and His children in need.


* We operate three shelters for mothers and babies. We also help women who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy through our a national 24-hour hotline (1-800-662-2678), which brings hopeful alternatives and resources, help finding a pregnancy resource center or a maternity home.


* Pregnant women can also come to Our Gift of Hope Sonogram Center for a free sonogram and help with access to needed resources.  We offer compassion, not condemnation, so that babies lives might be saved and God’s mercy might be extended to His children.

Several Sources also helps women in crisis at an International Gift of Hope Maternity Shelter and Pregnancy Resources Center in Ukraine and Uganda.  Several Sources is also committed to helping young people make good decisions understanding the consequences of the choices that they are making at Our Holy Family Retreat Center in Mendham, NJ.