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Published on: October 6, 2015

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My name is Riannon I’m 9 years old and I was Born at Several Sources.  I am so grateful to Kathy and every one that helped me and my mom. If God didn’t lead my great-grandmother to find out about several sources I don’t know if I ever would have met my mom. I might have been little but I still remember my first friends I ever had witch where the other baby’s and the safe feeling of home while we were there. I remember I saw a picture of Steven Bogart holding me as a baby. My mom has told me that its benefactors like him and so many others that make saving all the baby’s like me possible.

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I was 19 when I can to several sources. Ready to give up and felt I had no choice other than abortion. Kathy and all the house mothers gave me the strength, faith, and mindset to realize I CAN DO THIS! I was given help in so many ways. Spiritually mentally even physically. When my daughter was born I had everything we needed to start our new lives together I was given a gift of guidance that made me the women and mother I am today. Several sources sent me to school after helping me obtain my GED. I achieved so many life goals that shaped a life for me and my baby that I could never have ever imagined when I walked thru Kathy’s doors 9 years ago. I don’t believe there is anywhere else in this big world that does for women and baby’s what Kathy and her house mothers do.

Kathy has saved THOUSANDS of babies through her work at Several Sources Shelters. I had the privilege of meeting Kathy about 15 years ago and I’ve witnessed firsthand her passion, love, faith and joy working with pregnant women. Kathy has built an incredible team of passionate, capable and loving people who work side by side with her to mentor young mothers and give them a safe, loving, caring, home where they can continue their education and learn life skills that will assist them after giving birth and move out and become independent. Through the major motion picture “Gimme Shelter” (which is based on Kathy’s firsthand experience at the shelter in Ramsey, NJ), viewers were able to witness just how passionate and committed Kathy is to every single mother who comes into her life. Kathy and her team at Several Sources Shelters work tirelessly to save babies not only in our state of NJ, but worldwide with their 800-helpline and website. The Shelter is a great model of love, compassion and perseverance and our community is better because of the work they do.

I read a small ad in a local catholic newspaper fifteen years ago. A shelter located in New Jersey was looking for a Housemother for one of their four shelters for pregnant teens . That place turned out to be Several Sources Shelters . I was retired at the time an “empty nester” as they say, so I gave Several Sources a call. Finding words to briefly discribe the work and my personal experience at Several Sources over these fifteen years is easy, simply put, it was extraordinary . The program developed by their founder gives one the opportunity to really make a difference in a young persons life , the exact reason I felt so drawn to the work . Our world has been very successful in misleading our youth in so many areas and in so many ways. The brokenness and sadness resulting from the worlds betrayal is evident when these young desperate women arrive at the shelter. At Several Sources they immediately find a warm, loving,safe environment in which to prepare for motherhood. Several Sources is a faith based shelter which means we can meet the spiritual needs as well as the physical needs of these young woman through the bible studies and chastity classes. Also included in the program are parenting classes and academic support i.e. (finishing high school, GED, etc). Over the years I have been asked by other shelters “how do you get them to attend these classes” I tell them it’s easy they are mandatory. My journey at Several Sources began as a full time volunteer Housemother then as a Manger overseeing all four shelters. When I came to Several Sources my background was Oncology Nursing for several years then I transitioned to business as a Medical Reviewer at Prudential Insurance Co. I can honestly say being involved as I have been in the work of Several Sources Shelters these past fifteen years this particular work has been the most rewarding and fruitful . I have stayed in touch with many of the young women their children are in or starting high school now and it warms my heart when they reflect on their time at Several Sources. To shelter a homeless frightened pregnant teen or young women is admirable but to take it to the level that Several Sources Shelters does is remarkable.

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Thank you & God bless.

I was able to give birth to my three children in a warm safe home environment, I had plenty of nourishment and love. I can’t imagine carrying a child without shelter, food and love. Many young women do just that, they face insurmountable odds in order to give birth to their babies. Many of them are teens in the turmoil of growing up themselves, Several Sources Shelters is their answer to prayer. It offers them a hand when they most need it. It provides a warm , safe nurturing home where they can relax and allow their pregnancy to thrive. Being pregnant is a life changing event. Your body changes and so does your future. I applaud this Non Profit Organization. I will continue to donate to it in the hopes of helping young mothers and their babies during a difficult time! Carol Wong

Several Source Shelters is more than a shelter for pregnant women. It is a place where these needy women can find a home and a “family” who cares about them and helps them to succeed in life. They learn life skills, attend Bible study and chastity classes, and are encouraged and supported to continue their education so that they can provide their child and themselves.

The support continues after the mothers have left our homes. Through Several Sources’ Special Families program, those families in need receive food gift certificates on a regular basis, medical and school supplies, gifts at Christmas and other support to help them get through difficult economic times.

Since 1981, Several Sources has helped over 20,000 women. Over 200 pregnant women call their National Hotline every month seeking assistance. Several Sources provides extensive counseling and information for pregnant women seeking information on the resources available to them.

Many of the women whom Several Sources serves are victims of violence or abuse, while others have been abandoned by their families. All of them need a place to stay so they can give life to their unborn child. Several Sources exists to offer a hand in friendship and love at a time when these women are most in need.

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