Mothers who leave our shelters often need help in the future.  Several Sources make a commitment to the women who choose life for their pre-born child to help them until their child celebrates their 19th birthday.  There are times that some of our families have little ones who are sick and need extra attention.  Many of these families live in the New Jersey cities of East Orange, Irvington, Newark, Paterson and Trenton, cities well known for families who struggle with high poverty levels. Currently, the Special Families Program is helping 50 impoverished families. These families have 131 children (ranging in age from birth to 18 years).


Over the years, the need for this kind of funding has only grown, as income levels have not risen to meet higher costs of basic needs.  This emergency assistance often prevents these families from having utilities turned off, or worse, being evicted from their homes and breaking up families into foster care services. Many times this program has been the reason parents were able to feed and clothe their children, providing them a safe and healthy foundation to succeed in life.

Four times a year, for Easter, back to school, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, Several Sources sends care packages to these families.  In addition to food gift certificates, every package sent to one of our special families contains a spiritual element, including a gift for each of the children, whether it is a child’s bible or holy book, or some other small item to reinforce that they are precious and loved by God.  Several Sources seeks to nourish their souls as well as their bodies.

When it’s a choice between food and pens, pencils and notebooks, what do you think families with little resources are going to be able to give their children?  Your generous donation can help them to build a better future while being able to do both.