The outreach of Several Sources Shelters is centered on the three mothers and babies shelters we operate that begin with the offering of a safe haven for pregnant women. They are beacons of hope for God’s innocent preborn and their mothers. As free, safe havens for the abandoned, lost and suffering pregnant women, they provide much-needed hope and support.


When a young woman is facing an unintended pregnancy, it can seem like her world is falling apart and that she has no one to talk to.  That’s why we established a 24-hour national hotline program at 1-800-662-2678.  We send our emergency hotline kits overnight to expectant mothers in every state. Through print ads and the internet, and our Gimme Shelter movie, thousands of babies’ lives are saved.  But reaching out with compassionate answers is often not enough for teens that have no other support.


Several Sources offers:

* A place where young mother’s can come to have her baby and stay for up to a year or more after her baby is born.  During this time we surround the mother and baby with individual care, nurturing and educational support.  Through weekly chastity workshops, our mothers learn that to save sex for only their future spouse is the best way to preserve the safety and well-being of both themselves and their children.  Many of our young mothers go on to not only learn how to effectively care for their children, but they complete their GED or college degree programs while under our care.


* Our Several Sources mothers come from diverse backgrounds.  Some have had more difficult childhoods or teen years than others.  But whatever their past, God has brought them for us to help heal wounds, both physically and spiritually, as they bring new life into this world.  Sometimes this journey is difficult, but we remind ourselves and our mothers that on the day when they leave the Several Sources Shelters, in addition to a healthy baby, being a wonderful mother, having completed a good education, they must have God in their hearts.



Without our shelters, we would not be able to reach out effectively to pregnant women who need our help. Only through your ongoing compassion and support will we be able to keep our shelter doors open. Please consider making a donation to support a mother and her baby at one of our maternity homes.