In 2014, the film Gimme Shelter was produced and released in movie theaters to worldwide audiences.  This film was based on the true story of the work of Several Sources Shelters and the coming of age story of one of their teens (played by Vanessa Hudgens) turned away by her father (played by Brendan Fraser) because of her decision to have her child.  The film portrays her courageously seeking shelter as she struggles to survive.  A Priest (played by James Earl Jones), refers her to Several Sources where she bonds with a diverse group of teenage girls and a Housemother (the Kathy DiFiore character played by Anne Dowd) dedicated to helping them all.

Ronald Krauss directed, produced and wrote Gimme Shelter, which was shown in 55 countries around the world including China, Japan, India, South Africa, Poland, Brazil.  Gimme Shelter was screened at the UN on September 11, 2014.

The film is currently being used by Youth Groups, Educational Institutions and Churches bringing it’s uplifting message that “there is always hope” to young people and their parents.  Gimme Shelter is frequently shown on Cable TV stations throughout the US and in other countries.

Gimme Shelter Screening Kit

Thank you for spreading the good news and message of hope to young people.  This movie has positively impacted thousands of people’s lives.  We get countless emails, Facebook likes, and Twitter posts, from people all over the world telling us how this movie has changed their lives.  In response, we have created a resource that you can use to organize a screening of the Gimme Shelter movie for the young people that you know.  Below, you will find the How to Organize a Gimme Shelter Screening Kit, with links to download pdf’s of newsletters and other paperwork, and media content.