“Gimme Love, Gimme Hope, Gimme Shelter” is the spiritual and real-life story behind the film Gimme Shelter, including 32 pages of color photos. Several Sources Shelters founder, Kathy DiFiore, shares the events and experiences that led her to take great risks for others to ensure that she could provide shelter for the young women who came to her door.

Through her relationship with Mother Teresa, Kathy found the support to take on bureaucratic mountains so she could continue to help pregnant teens abandoned, lost in hopelessness, and babies who deserve the chance to be born. Kathy’s tenacity, compassion, and dedication to the purpose God has for her life will inspire readers.

“The remarkable narrative of Gimme Shelter expresses a powerful reality and the heroic love of a mother for her unborn child. Exploring the hard questions regarding the meaning of life, family, love and suffering, our heroin, “Apple,” fights against all odds and finds hope in the kindness of some key people, including a hospital chaplain who expresses the true nature of a priestly soul of service, guidance, and the deep Love of God for every single man, woman and child from the moment of conception.  Out of rejection shines the courageous beauty of a mother’s love, and out of tragedy, shines hope.”

— His Excellency Bishop Ignacio Carrasco de Paulo | President, Pontifical Academy for Life, Titular Bishop of Tapso, Vatican City, Rome

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