Gimme Liberty PosterGimme Liberty is based on the true life of Kathy DiFiore, whose heroic work was initially introduced in the 2014, Award winning film Gimme Shelter. After this film, there were many people who wanted to know and learn more about Kathy, Several Sources Shelters, and the work they do helping mothers choose life for their babies. A second feature film is now in the works, Gimme Liberty, which tells Kathy’s true story and how it all began. A working class woman’s battle against the Governor and State of New Jersey to help those in need.  This “David and Goliath” story, reminiscent of films such as Erin Brockovich and The Pursuit Of Happyness, follows Kathy DiFiore’s courageous journey from an abused housewife to homelessness, to eventually starting her own organization for helping homeless women and pregnant teenagers.

In these constantly changing times, we have learned to adapt the way we communicate in order to reach those in need. The days of placing ads in newspapers has long been replaced with the use of the internet and search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and social media and entertainment sites.

With film projects like Gimme Liberty, we can continue to spread our Divine work for generations to come from a simple DVD or viewing online through many of the media and entertainment sites, such as Netflix and iTunes with a combined viewership of more than 100 million subscribers. It is truly a modern miracle to be able to reach so many people at once. In producing this film, we will be offering help to those in need around the world to better understand the dilemma and conflicts of teen pregnancy; presenting alternatives to living on the street, protecting the lives of the young mothers and the babies, and showing the glorious work of God.

Ronald Krauss will once again be our writer, director and producer on Gimme Liberty with a proven track record from Gimme Shelter, helping us to overcome extreme odds of creating a powerful faith  film with the support of top mainstream actors and major distribution throughout the world.

With the making of Gimme Liberty, our next chapter in the Gimme… series, we will continue to build a network with stronger support, growth and awareness that reaches the young people who are key in establishing a future that helps to change our culture to LIFE. Both Gimme Shelter and Gimme Liberty will be used together for many years to come not just in the media but educationally in our Schools and Churches to help continue to spread the work and mission of the Several Sources Shelters, giving hope to pregnant women and their children worldwide.

We hope and pray that you will be inspired to donate to the project; and see this as a way to continue our blessed work as it spreads through this film to millions of people across the world on how help is available.