Kathy DiFiore with movie director Ron

In these constant changing times, we have learned to adapt the way we communicate in order to reach those in need. The days of placing ads in newspapers has long been replaced with the use of the internet and search engines like Google and Yahoo, social media, and entertainment websites.

With a movie like Gimme Shelter, we can reach countless people across the world and spread our divine work for generations to come. A simple DVD or online viewing via one of the many media and entertainment websites, such as Netflix and iTunes, reach a combined audience of more than 100 million subscribers. It is truly a modern miracle to be able to reach so many people at once.

Through these movies and books, we hope to offer help to those in need around the world to better understand the dilemma and conflicts of teen pregnancy; presenting alternatives to living on the street, protecting the lives of the young mothers and the babies, and showing the glorious work of God.

Gimme Shelter was released in movie theaters world-wide in 2014 with an award-winning cast. The film is being used along with a study guide by youth groups, educational institutions and churches to bring its uplifting message that “there is always hope” to young people and their parents. The book Gimme Love, Gimme Hope, Gimme Shelter tells the real-life story behind the film Gimme Shelter and is an amazing resource for anyone who needs to counsel young people.