The Advocate – October 16, 1985

Have you ever waited for an important phone call? It is the watched pot that never boils. The silence is maddening. You come to believe that Ma Bell is dead, but you wait.

Kathy DiFriore of Ramsey is going through that frustration right now; a lady in waiting, hoping Gov. Thomas Kean will call to say her babies are safe, that she can continue to shelters, feed and clothe them and their unwed mothers. She shelters three unwed mothers and three infants. you may have heard of Kathy or read about her in Mike Brown’s fine article in The Advocate. She is the Good Samaritan in spades, a gentle lady of the Beatitudes in all things except when the safety and well being of “her babies” and their unwed mothers are involved. Then, she has the fierce tenacity and drive of Giant lineman Lawerence Taylor, and the staying power of a long distance runner.

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