The following position is currently available at our New Jersey Pregnancy Shelter.

If you are interested in applying for this position: Fax: 201.818.9031 or Email:


Live-in Position

The position of the Several Sources Housemother has two critical roles:

  1. To offer spiritual and emotional support to our pregnant mothers and their little ones, and;
  2. Through day to day management skills, enforce the Several Sources Shelters rules with the young mothers in a 24-hour residential program.


Several Sources Shelters is seeking a minimum of one (1) year as Housemother. The candidate must have a valid driver’s license.


  • Listen to and be an emotional support person to the mothers.
  • As a good Christian Role Model, help the young mothers to understand that Chastity and trying to live by God’s laws can lead to a more peaceful and fulfilling life for them.
  • Enforce Several Sources Shelters rules in our Shelters for Mothers and Babies.
  • Conduct daily prayer and weekly Bible study for the mothers.
  • Using risk management techniques, provide a safe and clean environment for the mothers.
  • Assist on the Several Sources Hotline for Pregnant Women.
  • Help to coordinate and attend church speaking engagements.
  • Establish a good working relationship with local community volunteers.
  • Maintain car(s) in order to ensure the safety of the vehicle(s).
  • Act as liaison to social service agencies and mental health providers to help facilitate services necessary for the mothers.
  • Distribute food certificates.
  • Help enroll young mothers in the local high school and other available educational programs.
  • Assist Manager of Office of Maternal Childcare coordinate home visits with parents of the young mothers and promote an environment that promotes the reunion of the family as quickly as possible.
  • When necessary, work with the Manager of Office of Maternal Childcare to discipline mother through the Several Sources Probationary Program.
  • Oversee day-to-day living expenses through a petty cash account.
  • Identify household repair problems and advise Supervisor of Operations so that prompt corrective action can be taken.


Contact us for information about salary and benefits.

While this is a permanent position within Several Sources Shelters, because it is so difficult to find qualified candidates, we are willing to offer the position on a one or two-year basis in order to meet our needs and in order to give the qualified candidate experience in a challenging pro-life Christian environment.

Currently, Several Sources Shelters has three residential homes in suburban locations that shelter up to four young mothers and their babies at one time.