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Young woman holding a sonogram in left photo and her baby in the right photo


Date of Birth: March 18, 2018

Dear Several Sources Benefactor, Jesline came to the clinic to abort her baby in a late term abortion mill in Montclair NJ because she already has a son and she feels she is too young to have another baby right

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Portrait of Conrad, holding baby picture


Date of Birth: May 13, 2018

Dear Kathy & Benefactors, My name is Conrad. I too am a Several Sources, saved baby. I will be 26 years old this Spring, and am currently studying for my Bachelors in Science, aspiring to become a Doctor. My mother

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February baby of the month, Nevaeh


Date of Birth: October 2, 2018

was staying with friends when I found out I was pregnant. Unfortunately, due to personal problems, I had to leave. I found the Missionaries of Charity on Jay Street in Newark and they put me in touch with the Ladies Rest Shelter.

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January baby of the month, Xavier


Date of Birth: December 13, 2017

Dear Kathy & Benefactors, I’m a Registered Dental Assistant, but my rent was going up and many of us couldn’t afford it, so we were evicted. I didn’t have any family; I just found out I was pregnant; I wound

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