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Date of Birth: December 1, 2018

Dear Kathy, Miss Charlotte and Benefactors, Thank you for helping me and Michael, my precious son, during the most desperate and difficult time of our lives. He is the most important thing in my life. Every day, when I look

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Date of Birth: August 1, 2019

Monica, a 24 year old, found herself pregnant and in need of our help. She goes to school part time and is determined to finish. Monica recently got a new job and was afraid to inform HR of her pregnancy,

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Date of Birth: January 1, 1970

Dear Kath, Thank you so much for all the presents as well as the gift cards. We apprieciated a lot. JOJO is now in 7th grade middle school and he loves school and he does good in academics as well

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Liliana five years old


Date of Birth: November 23, 2018

Dear Benefactors, Being a mother to my child gives me the special ability to be able to give her what my mother could not give me. She gives me new strength and motivates me to move on in life, especially

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Baby Ari photo


Date of Birth: April 17, 2018

Dear Benefactors, My name is Ivory. In Late August of 2017, I found out I was pregnant. My Boyfriend and I were very excited. Everything seemed so perfect, we had our own place. Working Good Jobs, it was the perfect

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Manthaday sonogram


Date of Birth: January 1, 1970

Dear Benefactors, On Saturday, May 12, “Our Gift of Hope” Sonogram Sprinter was parked across from the abortion clinic at 40 Engle St.  Sonogram Manager, Rosie, and weekend sidewalk counselors were outside handing out important reading material to the women

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Date of Birth: November 20, 2018

Dear Ms. Kathy & Benefactors, I thank you for opening your homes to me and my son without knowing who I was.  I appreciate everyone that is a part of Several Sources Shelters to me this home is not only involved

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Fabian family father and baby


Date of Birth: March 20, 2018

Dear Kathy and Benefactors, My name is Fabiana. I’m 23 yrs. old and pregnant for the first time. My boyfriend and me are now living with his parents in North Bergen. We both work the night shift at Walmart and

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photo of Shaniya and Jayze'e


Date of Birth: April 19, 2017

Dear Benefactors, I got sent to the Missionaries of Charity and they sent me to “Ladies Rest.” That was the biggest blessing that I ever had. My baby, Jayze’el, was born 6 weeks early. She weighed 3 lbs. 15oz. She

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Date of Birth: April 28, 2017

Dear Kathy & Benefactors, I have the need to be honest about how I feel and what it means to be at Several Sources. For me Several Sources means to feel loved and protected, it means to feel supported and

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