Dear Kathy & Benefactors,

I’m a Registered Dental Assistant, but my rent was going up and many of us couldn’t afford it, so we were evicted. I didn’t have any family; I just found out I was pregnant; I wound up homeless within the month.

Still I went to work consistently. I had to pay my car payment, so I didn’t have money for a motel, so I stayed in my car. I went to the government to see if the government would help, but my income was too high. I tried to rent another apartment, but once you have an eviction notice on your record, you can meet all other qualifications, but you can’t rent. That left me homeless.

I called Several Sources and Jasmine said when I finish with work to come for an interview. The next day, I had a place to stay.

What a Holiday Season it was for me! Thank you all. I will never forget. Every time I look at my son, Xavier, I’m going to be always reminded of the blessing that the Lord have showed me, from Kathy and you Benefactors for giving me a safe place to have my son and blessing me with many house moms to help guide me as I go on this journey as a first time mom.

Thank you so much for all your love and support with not just me but all the house moms, mother & soon to be moms…for everything you have done for us here at Several Sources.


Becky & Xavier (12/13/17)