Mike was born on March 28, 2016 weighing 4.3 kgs.

When Pamela (16 yrs.) was one month pregnant, her mother forcefully took her to an abortion clinic.  The clinic happened to be closed that day in observance of a holiday.  Pamela cried and cried because she didn’t want to abort her pregnancy.  Fortunately, Pamela is on Facebook, and she contacted us to explain her situation. We were so happy to know that the clinic was closed and that her mother would be away the following day, putting Pamela’s abortion on hold. In the meantime, we prayed. One day, we decided to contact Pamela’s mother, who listened to what we had to say. We sent her a copy of the film, “The Silent Scream,” which she watched and felt the pain. Ultimately, Pamela was able to stay with her mother throughout her pregnancy, and we helped her by providing basic needs, like diapers and baby food, and covering medical fees.