Ritah was born on July 27, 2017 weighing 3.4 kgs.

Cathy (15 yrs) found out she was pregnant after being raped on her way to school at 6am.  Because her school was very far (2 km) from her home, she had to walk alone with a group of men moving in front of her.  On that fateful day, she was raped and she couldn’t tell any elder about it. She kept quiet until she missed her menses. She got so worried and by this time signs of pregnancy had already begun to show. Her headmaster expelled her from school and she had no place to go because she was considered to be cursed in the community and nobody believed her story. She was left with only one option and that was suicide. She tried organic phosphate poisoning, but she was rushed to hospital. It so happened that we have mothers we take to that same hospital she was brought to (Mubende Regional Hospital), so we were called and immediately began restoring her hope. We took care of her and she is now at our shelters living happily with her baby. We are now considering taking her back to school.