Monica, a 24 year old, found herself pregnant and in need of our help. She goes to school part time and is determined to finish.

Monica recently got a new job and was afraid to inform HR of her pregnancy, because she believed that she would be terminated from her position. She was torn and confused. She wants to keep her baby, but feels that it may not be the right time. Monica lives at home with her mom and dad and was afraid they might ask her to leave. She was informed that we would find a place for her if her parents want her to leave.

She came to get a FREE sonogram aboard our Sonogram Sprinter. The sonogram showed that she was 12 weeks into her pregnancy. She was surprised to see a living baby inside of her, full of life, as the baby moved around.

Monica said she could not go through with an abortion after seeing her baby on the screen and will give birth in August 2019. Jessica and Rosie were able to give her support and valuable information to help her keep and support her child.

Monica is very grateful and has decided to keep her baby. She plans to return to find out the gender in a few weeks.