Dear Benefactors,

Manthaday sonogramOn Saturday, May 12, “Our Gift of Hope” Sonogram Sprinter was parked across from the abortion clinic at 40 Engle St.  Sonogram Manager, Rosie, and weekend sidewalk counselors were outside handing out important reading material to the women going into the clinic. There were 26 women that entered, but there were 4 SIDEWALK SAVES AND 1 SPRINTER SAVE!!!

Our sidewalk saves did get a chance to take some information from us and were able to choose life for their preborn babies.  One couple was walking across the street looking at the clinic and talking to each other but seemed hesitant to go in.

Rosie noticed this couple looking at the Sprinter and ran across the street to talk with them.  She asked if they were seeking help with their pregnancy and the woman answered, “Yes, we would like to get into the clinic across the street to check to see how far my pregnancy is. “I can find out how far you are right now in my ultrasound van and help you with the pregnancy” said Rosie.

Manthaday’s English was not so good but, she saw the pampers and other items in the van and right away she knew that Rosie was telling her the truth about helping her and the baby.

Rosie started the sonogram on the van and right away a lovely picture came on the screen of an 8 week baby with a loud heartbeat that made Manthaday cry with joy, She said that she did not realize that the baby had a heartbeat and she could not terminate her pregnancy. She said that she would let “Our Gift of Hope” help her with her pregnancy. Manthaday was given photos of her baby’s sonogram and a $15 ShopRite gift card to get something to eat.  Manthaday is 35 yrs. old and will be expecting her child in December.