Dear Benefactors,

Liliana five years oldBeing a mother to my child gives me the special ability to be able to give her what my mother could not give me. She gives me new strength and motivates me to move on in life, especially when I feel like giving up. Every time I pray to God I ask him to help me walk in forgiveness and to forgive me; to make me stronger every day; to be able to be a better mother than I was yesterday; to help me keep changing my life around because without him I am nothing.

I tell him thank you for everything he had given me and for loving me. My daughter knows that God wants her to obey. She tells me that God doesn’t like it when we are mean or when we don’t share.  She knows the song “Jesus loves me Yes I know”.

I would like to thank those that are helping me from Several Sources. Not many people want to help a mother in need.  I’m happy that God has put you in life for us mothers who are in need. You all have an amazing heart and I want God to keep you blessed because I’m thankful for receiving the things I needed for my daughter.

I met Several Sources when I wanted to get an abortion. I was in California and they took the time to care and love me and accept me, flew me to New Jersey, and helped me keep my baby.  I’m glad that I was a part of the shelter.  Several Sources is always there when I needed diapers or clothes for Liliana, including when I was homeless. They helped me get a hotel till I found a place to live.

I am grateful because they continue to help me while I now am becoming something better for my daughter by studying in college.


God bless,

Eileana and Liliana (10/23/13)