May baby of the month, LiazDear Kathy & Benefactors,

I have the need to be honest about how I feel and what it means to be at Several Sources. For me Several Sources means to feel loved and protected, it means to feel supported and it also means to be and feel blessed every single day. I will like to say thank you to the Several Source’s benefactors for having the kindness of being a benefactor. I want to tell you that God is the witness of you being the base of Several Sources. I also want to let you know that without you or your unconditional support baby Laiz and myself would not have the chance to make it to this point.

My stay at Several Sources had taught me to love God much more. It has taught me that God works miracles day after day, even if you are unable to see it at the moment. Several Sources has also taught me the importance of gratitude and also it had given me the wonderful opportunity of understanding that I have the option to go ahead together with my daughter and chase success. Several Sources had taught me that commitment and consistency are the key to reach and achieve my short and long-term goals.