Dear Ms. Kathy & Benefactors,

I thank you for opening your homes to me and my son without knowing¬†who I was.¬† I appreciate everyone that is a part of Several Sources Shelters to me this home is not only involved in my life it is also involved in my son Josiah’s life. You guys are becoming a part of me. You guys care for me and my son as if we were family and that’s exactly what you guys mean to me. You are more than just a help or shelter. You guys gave me a chance to help to better my life, so my son can have a wonderful future. I thank God most importantly for giving me the chance to meet Several Sources. I can’t explain how grateful and thankful I am to have this opportunity. My due date is November 20, 2018. Please pray for me and my baby and ask for my baby to come healthy and blessed to this world.



Tenika Abrew