Dear Several Sources Benefactor,

Young woman holding a sonogram in left photo and her baby in the right photo

Jesline came to the clinic to abort her baby in a late term abortion mill in Montclair NJ because she already has a son and she feels she is too young to have another baby right now.

Jesline is 23 yrs. old and lives in Paterson with her mother. She went into the clinic with the card given to her by our Several Sources “Gift of Hope” Supervisor, Rosemary. She decided to walk out to speak someone about adoption. Rosemary told her how beautiful that would be for someone who may not be able to have children. With Jesline’s help they can give a good home to this baby and Jesline would not have to worry about the guilt of having this abortion.

Jesline spoke with her mother and told her how she felt and her mother said that she would adopt her grandchild and Jesline could still be there to watch her baby get the love and attention that her mother would provide for her grandchild.

Jesline decided to come onto the Several Sources baby-saving sprinter parked right in front of the abortion clinic to find out how many weeks pregnant she was. Jesline’s sonogram showed that she was almost 19 weeks pregnant and hearing her baby’s heart beating and moving on the sonogram sprinter screen immediately changed Jesline’s mind about aborting her baby. She was very happy to finally meet her baby girl.

Jesline expected to give birth to her second child in April 2018 but the baby came sooner and is now home with her loving family. Jesline is back in school and working really hard to get her GED and wants to thank “Our Gift of Hope” for being there for her and her precious baby because she would have aborted if the sprinter was not out in front of the clinic.

Jesline & Jazabel (3/18/18)