Dear Benefactors,

photo of Shaniya and Jayze'eI got sent to the Missionaries of Charity and they sent me to “Ladies Rest.” That was the biggest blessing that I ever had.

My baby, Jayze’el, was born 6 weeks early. She weighed 3 lbs. 15oz. She was sick. She had a hernia on her diaphragm. Her small intestine and spleen were in her chest cavity and her lung was collapsed.

My baby had surgery at 5 days old. Doctors said they never seen a baby recover from such major surgery so fast.

I just wanted to say to the benefactors, thank you for giving us the help we need. I know that you don’t get to see as often the results of your help, but trust me, it’s really needed.

I am now studying to become a Clinical Medical Assistant and I wouldn’t be as good a mother as I am if I didn’t have the support from Several Sources.

~ Shaniya and Jayze’el (4/19/17)