Dear Kath,

Thank you so much for all the presents as well as the gift cards. We apprieciated a lot. JOJO is now in 7th grade middle school and he loves school and he does good in academics as well as sports. He loves soccer so the ball was good. Also my 9 year old son Carlos also wants to thank you. I always talk to Joandri about Several Sources how we lived with amazing people God put us with. I am planning to return to school to work for my Bachelor degree. I work now at JFK hospital in Edison NJ counseling young teenagers with mental disabilities as well as adults. I love my work helping others. I want to say thank you  and all the house mohters, all the donators who help several sources, We want to visitall of your please let me know when we can come to visit. I always have Several Sources in my mind and heart. God bless several sources, all the babies and mothers and everyone who contributes to make several sources a place where young mothers can have a change of life for thier babies.

“Happy New Years” wish all the best for ‘2019’

Much Love Giovanna