Alex born on April 10, 2017 weighing 4.2 kgs.

When Anita (18 yrs) was 3 months pregnant, she needed to abort her baby because by then she was a student at the boarder of Uganda and Kenya (Busia), where Indians were constructing a new road. She was in love with one of the engineers and thought she would be taken to Germany since the baby dad’s was German. But, when the project was done, she was left behind. She became so miserable and she didn’t know where the baby’s father had gone. Her family threw her out of the house and called her all sorts of names, like “prostitute.”

Since she had no place to live, she went to a nearby church to get help with food and shelter. We were immediately contacted, and we were glad to offer her room at one of our shelters.  Now, with the help of generous benefactors, we take care of her basic needs.