Dear Kathy and Benefactors,

 This is to say thank you once again for blessing my son Gabriel and I with the much needed help. I can’t really describe the appreciation and gratification I have to express.

 We have overcome so so many obstacles to get where we are and I honestly wouldn’t have been able to make it this far had Kathy not taken a chance to respond to an email for help in October of 2013. Then Kathleen came into the picture and it was as if God had sent His Guardian Angels to not only help us but to look after us from time to time.

 To this day I read my son this book from Kathy that he’s had since he was born and he gets the same excitement every day to read it. He’s autistic and loves animals, so this book is like a new one to him every day and I cherish it always.

Without the help from Several Sources Shelters, I don’t know where I may have ended up. Through the years of Gabriel growing, Kathleen and Kathy have been there and I appreciate the help more than I can ever say. My son is my most sacred angel and I learn from him every day, because he is always happy no matter what. He smiles when he’s sick and always knows when mom needs a hug and says, “Mommy can I hug you?” It’s the best medicine to my soul and I thank Kathleen and Kathy for making this journey

possible. I am very very tremendously grateful for the donors who have helped life be more life (if that makes sense) because without life we can’t be and I am forever thankful for the help and appreciative always,


and “saved” baby Gabriel (3/13/14)