Dear Benefactors,

I have been a resident at the Airmount Shelter owned by Several Sources for over a month along with my 5 week old daughter, Charlotte. Charlotte was named after Charlotte Florentino who runs ladies rest, the women’s shelter in Newark, NJ.

I chose to name her because Ms. Charlotte as well as Kathy and the Several Sources organization have impacted my life in such a special tremendous way I am extremely grateful for the care and assistance they have provided to my daughter and me. The have taught me the importance of saving babies lives and maintaining a relationship with GOD.

Additionally, I am appreciative for the gifts & donations from the benefactors. Without them, many mothers like myself would not be able to provide shelter and the things necessary for their babies, resulting in them being taken away. I could not live without my daughter and I thank you for saving her life as well as mine.

Yours Truly,
Danyelle and Charlotte (9/26/2019)